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Grizzly Gold Corp is a U.S.-based gold exploration company, and is publically traded on the OTCBB.  

With the focus on the advancement of our gold projects located in the State of Nevada, Grizzly Gold Corp’s goal is developing an organization that delivers positive results to our shareholders.  Our management team’s rich industry experience fosters a culture of excellence, and we are committed to the continual growth of Grizzly Gold as a valued and respected organization.

Gold exploration companies serve as the “R&D” scouts of the mining industry. Major gold producing companies depend on gold discoveries by smaller, independent exploration groups to provide future gold reserves.   Major mining companies often acquire many of their new gold deposits by merger and acquisition of these smaller groups

Grizzly Gold’s prospect acquisition efforts recognize the rich history and established mining infrastructure of Nevada.  Nevada is the largest gold producer in the U.S. accounting for 79% of the nation’s gold production.  In turn, Nevada is the sixth largest producer in gold worldwide accounting for 6.8% of the world’s gold production.  In 2010, Nevada operators produced approximately 5.34 million ounces of gold worth over $6.54 billion dollars based on an average price of $1,223 per ounce.

Grizzly Gold’s business model is straight forward: explore for and acquire properties that have the best possibility of containing economical gold, upgrade the properties to demonstrate the existence of gold through mapping, sampling, and drilling, and place the properties with major mining companies through joint venture, merger or acquisition.

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