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How To Buy Grizzly Gold Corp Common Shares

On March 25, 2015, the SEC adopted new rules* that update and expand Regulation A, an existing exemption from SEC registration for small companies seeking to raise money in the public markets. The new rules, which are referred to as “Regulation A+,” loosen the conditions of securities (stock) offerings by public companies to potential shareholders. Essentially, an investor no longer has to be a Qualified Investor to purchase stock directly from a company.

Due to these new SEC regulations* effective June 19, 2015, there are now three primary ways an investor can buy and trade common shares in Grizzly Gold Corp.

  1.   Investors can buy and sell Grizzly Gold Corp common shares (GRZG-OTC) on the U.S. stock market via the investor’s stock broker.
  2.   Qualified Investors can buy common shares directly from Grizzly Gold Corp. under a private placement offering by the company or its designated affiliate. Qualified Investors must meet certain SEC minimum personal wealth conditions.
  3.  Prior to the new SEC ruling* only Qualified Investors could buy common shares directly from Grizzly Gold Corp. Now any investors can buy common shares directly from Grizzly Gold Corp under a “public placement” offering by the company or its designated affiliate.


Advantages Of Buying Shares Directly

There are several advantages to purchasing stock directly from Grizzly Gold. The most important is the purchase price per share is set and not subject to open market fluctuations. Since Grizzly Gold is narrowly traded (low volume), any large purchase order for its stock on the open market would drive up the per share asking price well beyond the target price hoped for by an investor. For example, if Grizzly’s stock was quoted at $.05 per share and the average trading volume was 10,000 shares per day, an order placed on the open market for 50,000 shares would likely not be filled at $.05 per share. The likely asking price would be bumped up considerably… perhaps as much as $.10 per share or more. Other advantages include share prices that are not available to the open market trader, and there are brokerage fees.

Any investor that purchases shares directly from Grizzly Gold Corp, or its designated affiliate, will receive a share certificate issued by the company’s authorized transfer agent (Transhare Corporation). These shares are fully registered with the SEC and all other required regulatory agencies. The share certificate(s) can be deposited in your name with a qualified stock broker (Scottrade, Etrade, Fidelity, et al) and sold on the open market like any other publicly traded stock. Certain share certificates may be subject to a holding period depending on conditions set by the company at the time of the share purchase. Any holding period requirement would be made known to the purchaser prior to execution of the purchase.  For more information on transfer agents, please visit:

How To Find Out What Shares Grizzly Gold Corp Is Offering

With the implementation of the new SEC regulations*, Grizzly Gold Corp will be offering different sales of common shares (stock) in the company in accordance with SEC regulations and company needs.

The number of shares and the price per share will vary according to market conditions and cash needs of the company. Direct investment in new Grizzly Gold Corp shares can be as low as a $500 minimum. To find out what Grizzly Gold Corp is currently offering in terms of share price and minimum investment amounts, please visit the Contact Us page to request more information, or use the following link:

Click here to directly request information regarding a share purchase from Grizzly Gold Corp or additional information pertaining to the company

Click here to view Grizzly’s SEC filings
Click here to view Grizzly’s XBRL Filings

*(for more detailed information please go to News tab of Grizzly’s website and )




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